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Interview: Micheal Jacob

JADE CARTIER INTERVIEWS MICHEAL JACOB (Freelance Comedy Producer and Writers’ Dock Comedy Competition Mentor) JC: Having produced comedy for a number of years, what would you say are some of the major changes you have witnessed that would have an impact on writers of comedy today? MJ: In the creative sphere, there has been an […]


Brand New Comedy Workshop Competition Details (All Welcome)

WELCOME TO THE NEW COMEDY WORKSHOP COMPETITION Micheal Jacob and Jade Cartier have devised a way of giving – both the seasoned and welcomed first time/newbie, aspirational comedy competition workshop writer – the chance to place existing, well-known characters into a completely different scenario, or tinker with the existing scenario. Every month the comedy competition […]


Press Release: New Comedy Workshop Competition Launch 2012

WE AT WRITERS’ DOCK ARE VERY PRIVILEGED TO HAVE THE CONTINUED PATRONAGE, over a number of years, of Mr Micheal Jacob, BBC producer of comedy classics such as My Family, Goodnight Sweetheart, and Birds of a Feather, and now a freelance comedy consultant for British and international comedy artists and industry. We are on the brink of […]


Crabbit’s Tips for Writers 5: Ingredients of Poor Writing

YOU MAY REMEMBER THAT LAST YEAR I STARTED A SET OF CRABBIT’S TIPS FOR WRITERS. Here’s No. 5. To find the others, go to the list of labels on the right (scroll down) [on my blog] and choose Crabbit’s Tips for Writers. You can also go here to download the pretty pdf and print it out, […]

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About Nicola Morgan

Nicola Morgan is author of around 90 books, blogger at Help! I Need a Publisher!, and author of Write to be Published and Tweet Right – The Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter.


Write a Killer Opening Line

STARTING WRITING IS LIKE CASTING A HOOK INTO A RIVER. The opening line is probably the single most important sentence you are going to write in your piece. Over the years writers have spent large chunks of their creative time getting the ‘right’ start, the one that will draw readers in and make them move […]

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About William Meikle

William Meikle is a Scottish writer, with seven novels published. He is available for any freelance writing work. Contact him and read some free fiction at his website


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