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The Writer/Poet as Prophet: What Do You Think?

STEPHEN KING, THE WELL-KNOWN AMERICAN WRITER, says that a writer must write the type of book/poetry that he/she wants to read. In his work, Culture and Anarchy, Matthew Arnold (1822 – 88), the English poet and literary critic, argued that a society needs more than the gratification of the individual, more than scientific knowing and […]


Crabbit’s Tips for Writers 5: Ingredients of Poor Writing

YOU MAY REMEMBER THAT LAST YEAR I STARTED A SET OF CRABBIT’S TIPS FOR WRITERS. Here’s No. 5. To find the others, go to the list of labels on the right (scroll down) [on my blog] and choose Crabbit’s Tips for Writers. You can also go here to download the pretty pdf and print it out, […]

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About Nicola Morgan

Nicola Morgan is author of around 90 books, blogger at Help! I Need a Publisher!, and author of Write to be Published and Tweet Right – The Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter.


T. S. Eliot’s Anti-Semitism: Does It Matter?

IN THE PREFACE TO HIS STUDY OF ELIOT’S ANTI-SEMITISM (1995), Anthony Julius says: ‘. . . anti-Semitism beguiles, not just demagogues . . . but also creative artists of the highest quality. This usually surprises us, because we tend to sentimentalise our great writers and often think better of them than they deserve. Expecting our poets […]


What is Genre? (Part 3: When is a Genre Not a Genre?)

IN THIS, THE THIRD INSTALMENT OF THREE IN SOPHIE PLAYLE’S INVESTIGATION OF GENRE (following her recent attendance at the Paul Cornell talk [] at the Bad Writing Symposium in London), the concept of genre itself is discussed. When is a Genre Not a Genre? When it is in an age-range, says Cornell. Young adult (YA) […]

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About Sophie Playle

Sophie Playle studied English Literature with Creative Writing at UEA, and has an MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London. She is the creator and editor of Inkspill Magazine (, and has had over thirty short stories, poems and articles published, and is currently working on her first novel. Read her thoughts on writing, publishing and creativity at


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