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This site has been here for writers for 14 years. It is presently being redeveloped, but it won’t be taken offline during this period. Imagine living in a property with works going on; sometimes it will be a little bit messy in places, but in time things will become spit spot! Check back for news of new developments.

Love Language: A Salutary Tale

A LACK OF LOVE OF LANGUAGE MUST BE THE ROOT CAUSE, I surmise, of its continuing degradation. What else can be so destabilising a factor as to result in the puerile whimsical puns of journalists and a street proliferation of ‘kwik’ contractions with all their...

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Little Bookshop of the Imagination

IT IS A LITTLE BOOKSHOP, AND IT ISN'T REAL. Perhaps. Well, it is my place – though I open the doors to you now. In fact, the door is always open. It’s warm inside: there’s a fire, a Chesterfield sofa, comfortable chairs, rugs and throws. It doesn’t sell coffee, though...

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