WRITERS’ DOCK has been around since December 2004. It opened just after the BBC announced that it was closing down its website ‘Get Writing’.

‘Get Writing’ was a web community of aspiring writers who felt severely let down by the BBC.

WRITERS’ DOCK was created by Stephen Gritton (‘Sonny’) as the original and sole-surviving life-raft for the BBC’s ex-community of writers. It attracted, and sustained, over 4,500 writers for five years before lack of funding leading to technical difficulties saw it curtail its operations somewhat.

These technical difficulties saw the site close and immediately re-open with a new content management system and a whole lot of redevelopment required.

The site isĀ in a continualĀ process of being redeveloped and we’re now advertising and attracting new members!

Stephen (Sonny!) and his dedicated staff of moderators look forward to welcoming you very soon.

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