IF YOU ARE SHORT OF AN EDITOR (OR OVERBLOWN PROOFREADER) all to yourself, you should read on.

So, I was thinking: what do I have to say that would add value to a bunch of writers’ lives?

I’m still thinking about it, but in the meantime take a look at the following FANTASTIC tool.

It’s a free manuscript and book editing software that you access online or ‘in the cloud’, if you like. And you don’t even need to sign up.

I’ve used it. It’s brilliant. Simples.

Just to help you to get started with it quickly, click the link to the site and scroll down to – and click – the button labelled ‘Use it Now’. (You can’t miss it.)

Copy and paste your writing into the box and click ‘Analyse’. It will then give you a report on:

  • Overused words
  • Cliches and Redundancies
  • Sentence Length Variation
  • Diction Report
  • Vague & Abstract Words
  • Complex Words
  • Sticky Sentences
  • Alliteration Analysis
  • Consistency such as, but not limited to, spelling, hyphenation and capitalisation

Furthermore, if you look at and click some of the links in the column to the left of of the report, it will give you more information about each of the above.

Just get in there and check it out. It needs two hundred words to get started; it’ll protest if you paste in less . . .


Erm . . . P. S.

Apparently in the above text I have:

  • 4 overused words
  • 1 cliche
  • 1 long sentence
  • An average sentence length of 6.9 words
  • 6 diction issues
  • 8 vague and abstract words
  • 1 seven syllable complex word
  • 4 five syllable complex words
  • 4 four syllable complex words
  • 8 sticky sentences
  • 6 word alliterations
  • 1 spelling mistake and
  • 2 capitalisation consistency issues . . .

Click here: prowritingaid.com

— Stephen Gritton

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