I’VE BEEN DOING A LITTLE RESEARCH ON THIS SUBJECT RECENTLY and I’ve come to a conclusion: It’s time that you made that money as a writer!

Writing short stories or poetry is great fun and . . .should be regarded as a hobby. For now. Let’s get you a steady income from your writing. This will give you the breathing space before you tackle that novel!

Write Articles – Freelancing

There are plenty of writing jobs if you know where to look. If you can tell the difference between genuine opportunities and harnful scams, online freelance writing is your best bet.

The vast majority of people are unaware of the varied writing possibilities available on the net. Write some simple articles and press releases. Get blogging. Eventually, you might move on to authoring e-books; the scope for earning money from writing is pretty amazing. (I’ll get to blogging in a bit.)

Clients often pay up front for material by offering a set fee per word, or per assignment. Others will pay per hour for proofreading or writing website content.

Freelance writing network sites like Freelance Writers or The Freelance Writing Jobs Network are the best place to start. With writing jobs and advice, these places make it simple to get moving. Websites like Elance and Freelancer are good bets too.

Every day, thousands of businesses post up writing projects on the sites I’ve mentioned here. Suck it up, push yourself forward and apply to these new opportunities: there is an immediate income available for you.

Respond to as many writing job notices as possible. Offer to work at a reasonable rate. Be quick to respond to enquiries from prospects.

Keep applying . . . landing that first assignment is often the hardest part, but as you build up a portfolio and client list, you’ll get work more consistently. Keep on going.

The key to gaining and maintaining a steady income from freelance writing is to produce as many quality pieces for your portfolio as possible. That’s not all – use job boards and social networking strategies to promote your work. The more traffic that you can send to your work, the more interest you’ll stir up from businesses who need writers like you.

Here are 4 tips for your writing portfolio:

1. Set up a web page with your curriculum vitae, your contact info and a few writing examples. It’s very easy to do this by utilising sites such as Churchill Hosting.

2. Establish a good reputation by submitting your best quality work to potential clients.

3. Network with other busy writers; they may send extra work your way.

4. Participate in writers’ forums by writing useful comments. Include links to your website and online work in your profile.

Make Money Blogging

What is blogging?

‘Blog’ stands for web log. Effectively, they are online diaries. You can make money with a blogging site. The secret is this: focus on an area of expertise, or a subject that is popular with search engines.

Here’s how to get started blogging:

1. Approach it with the intent to write unique, quality prose. Offer useful info. By establishing yourself as a trustworthy resource, your readers will send you word-of-mouth traffic to your blog. Do your research carefully because your visitors can tell whether you know what you are talking about. You must focus on quality material.

2. It’s easy to get started blogging. Go to blogging websites like blogger.com or wordpress.com. I’ve found WordPress to be the best blogging site. Personalise the blog with your own domain name: you’ll have to pay, but a great cheap alternative is churchillhosting.com. On this site, you’ll get a free .com domain when you take out their hosting. Installing a blog site is very easy, you just need to click a link.

3. Once you have got going, you can monetise your blogging endeavours, utilising advertising networks. Set up free accounts with Google Adsense or Chitika. With a few clicks and a copy and paste or two, they’ll serve relevent adverts on your blog. You’ll get paid whenever somebody clicks on these ads. Amazon’s affiliate programme is very popular. Check to see if you want to earn extra cash in this way.

4. Promote it using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Posting meaningful comments on forums related to your blog content is also an excellent way to gain attention. Put your mind to it; you’ll find plenty of other ways to poke traffic at your blog.

Freelance writing and blogging are only two of many ways to make money online. You can write your short storys, of course – and your poems. You can enter into writing competitions, or write your novel, but you know how hard it is to get these accepted. By freelancing and blogging, you are on to a sure way to make money. I know that following this advice might require a little time and effort, but you’ll quickly be earning. There is a huge potential for large profits; go for it.


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A note from Sonny about CoffeeshopMillionaire:

I hear people saying ‘Scam Scam!’, but let me tell you that CoffeeshopMillionaire’s techniques do work. However, you must understand a few things:

  1. you need to be able to write to a good standard of English
  2. you need to be able to grasp new concepts and
  3. follow instructions and
  4. you need to work hard to get things rolling
  5. you need to have willpower to see things through and
  6. you need to see this as a possible additional revenue stream because
  7. there is a learning curve and
  8. not everybody gets to give up the day job
  9. certainly only a fraction of people will become millionaires because
  10. it is harder than is portrayed here with the usual brash American enthusiasm.

As you can see from above, it would be easier to cry ‘scam’ than it would be to actually work.

It would be healthier for you if you were to think of this as a possible way to fund a holiday, or possibly a deposit on a new car.

The advantage of coffeeshopmillionaire is that if you get it right, every product that you promote has potential to keep earning for you whilst you do other things – like finding new products to promote (working), and/or bumming around in coffee shops. Just don’t cry ‘scam’ if you don’t want to put the work in.

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