WE AT WRITERS’ DOCK ARE VERY PRIVILEGED TO HAVE THE CONTINUED PATRONAGE, over a number of years, of Mr Micheal Jacob, BBC producer of comedy classics such as My Family, Goodnight Sweetheart, and Birds of a Feather, and now a freelance comedy consultant for British and international comedy artists and industry.

We are on the brink of an exciting new comedy competition workshop launch, in which Micheal and Jade Cartier (long time Comedy Competition Editor for Writers’ Dock) will be encouraging new talent who may have been itching to exercise their funny bones but who may have been a little unsure if they could launch into full Catherine Tate mode. We have got the competition for you.

This competition will gently ease you into the alluring arms of a seasoned character, hand picked by Micheal, and will then ask you – over a three month period – to play a Comedy God/Godette and write this character into a fun-filled, out of the realms scenario.

All this potential fun and mayhem PLUS you get the guidance and direction from Micheal each month on how to develop and cultivate your comedy writing style. On a monthly basis, Micheal will also select the writer who shows the most promise and who has developed his/her scenario and character in the most innovative way.

So just ask yourself: will you ever get a chance, anywhere else, to be part of such a unique and nurturing comedy writing experience with one of the comedy industry’s most respected and approachable mentors?

For full details of what the competition entails, follow the link below. We look forward to seeing you in the competition – who knows, we might be watching you on the small screen soon.

Writers’ Dock Comedy Competition

— Micheal Jacob and Jade Cartier

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