Micheal Jacob and Jade Cartier have devised a way of giving – both the seasoned and welcomed first time/newbie, aspirational comedy competition workshop writer – the chance to place existing, well-known characters into a completely different scenario, or tinker with the existing scenario. Every month the comedy competition workshop duo of Micheal and Jade will set a scenario for you, using well-known characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes to let your creative juices run wild on.
Write us a funny take on a familiar character

The first month (February):
We ask you to write the funniest and most creative comedy sketch/scenario with these well-known characters. So, we encourage newbies and seasoned writers to get amongst things. As a guide aim for 250-500 words, but we are not going to be too rigid about things.

Micheal Jacob will cast his eye over your work and make some insightful and poignant comments and, if need be, give you pointers on how you can improve it.
The second month (March):
We will ask you to introduce another character (and take in Micheal’s previous month’s instructions for your piece).
The third month (April):
We will ask you to add a third character (and post these all to the forum as you go), and then we will have submitted all three pieces to Micheal (we will take on board any re-writes – please identify these as re-writes and PM, private message in the forum, Serindipiddy to alert her that there is a re-write).
At the end of the three months, Micheal will make his decision – based on those who have improved their sketch to the maximum and applied the funniest and most creative angles to the finished three part scenarios.
Here is our first scenario:

Jack and Jill. They went up the hill to fetch a pail of water (which is odd itself, since you’d expect the water to be at the bottom of the hill). What happened to make Jack fall down and Jill come tumbling after?

Follow the link below to sign up – we would love to see you there.

New Comedy Comp Feb 2012 Register of Participation

— Jade Cartier

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